Timber Fencing in Melbourne - Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Fencing is essential when it comes to demarcating your property’s boundaries, thus offering you the required privacy, safeguarding your property, and adding an all-new aesthetic to your place. There are a number of fencing types available in the Melbourne market these days, and timber fences are the most common yet most preferred type of fencing. 


Timber fencing in Melbourne can make your home lively. And based on the timber you utilize, adding a wooden element can provide a pleasant organic touch to your otherwise monotonous-looking establishment. Timber fences can be very easily installed and painted or stained, so they gel with the look and feel of your property. 


Timber fencing can be built in several styles, based on your preferences. In this blog, we have highlighted a couple of key considerations if you’re planning to install timber fencing:


Types of Timber Fencing: 

There are two types of timber fencing options available, namely softwood and hardwood.


Softwood Timber Fencing:

Softwood has a softer surface in comparison with hardwood; however, it is still quite strong timber. It is light in weight, and the softness makes it a lot simpler to work with. Pine is the most commonly used softwood timber in Australian homes and is also very affordable. Since pine can easily absorb finishes like oil, paint, varnish, etc., it is an ideal choice for fencing.


Of the many types of pine treatments available in Melbourne, the most commonly used are CCA and ACQ. Amongst these two types, the one you select will be based on the usage of the pine. For vegetable plots, playgrounds, and other areas that require arsenic-free treatments, it is advised to go for ACQ treated pine. For fencing, it is better if you choose CCA treated pine.


People usually prefer to use pine for do-it-yourself projects since it is affordable and simple to work with. 


Hardwood Timber Fencing: 

Hardwood is quite strong and long-lasting. It is furthermore visually appealing on account of its unique and heterogeneous appearance. Each hardwood has its own look and feel, texture, colour, and grain. It must also be noted that many hardwoods offer natural protection against termites and bushfires. 


You get a wide variety of hardwood in the market these days, ranging from Blackbutt, Merbau, Spotted Gum, to Jarrah, and many more. Should you be looking for timber fencing around your outdoor entertainment area or in the front of your property, you must go for hardwood timber fencing. It will not only look beautiful but also give a luxurious look to your home.


Benefits of Timber Fencing in Melbourne: 

Prior to choosing the material for constructing your property’s boundary, there are a few points to take into consideration that can sway your decision in favour of using timber. The points are as follows:


· Timber fencing can be easily customised. One of the primary reasons behind the increasing popularity of timber fences is the fact that homeowners in Melbourne get more control over the look of their fencing. The company you hire for the installation of the fence can take note of your style preferences, make the fence shorter or taller based on the level of privacy you want, and even paint the fence to the colour of your liking. With a wide variety of timber types available in the market and endless colour choices, your timber fence can be created to be as unique as you are.


· Looking for an eco-friendly option? Look no further than timber fencing. As more and more people are becoming aware of their carbon footprint, the majority of them are switching to the installation of timber fences. The decomposition and disposal of the timber fencing are very easy when compared to the metal fencing, thus implying that it has less impact on our mother earth.


· Timber fencing almost suits any kind of setting. Be it public offices, residential properties, parks, or perhaps universities, they are perfect because of their versatility. Irrespective of whether you are planning to construct fencing for safeguarding your residential or commercial property, ensuring the privacy of people, or for decorating your garden area, timber fencing provides a classic, everlasting look that suits any type of setting. 



Prior to commencing your timber fencing project in Melbourne, it is important to evaluate the site for certain relevant factors. To begin with, you must ensure that there is no effect of fencing installation on electricity or gas lines coming into your residence. Unknowingly digging into a live electric wire or gas line can be quite hazardous. Seek consultation from local authorities to gain knowledge of applicable fencing rules and regulations in your area. Given that your neighbour will bear half of the expenses incurred in fencing installation, ensure that they are okay with what you plan to do and, if possible, get their consent in writing.


To learn more about constructing timber fencing in Melbourne, get in touch with our experts today!


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